Very Cool Life Score
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You're just a few minutes away from discovering your Very Cool Life Score.

First, a little background...

There are Three Pillars to a Very Cool Life™: Freedom, Ease, and Connection.

Keep in mind that each of these Pillars is feeling-based and that all three Pillars must be present for you to “crack the code” and create your version of a Very Cool Life.

For more on this, I suggest you read The Very Cool Life Code: The 7 Keys for Unlocking a Life of Freedom, Ease, and Connection, a most excellent book written by that bald dude with the goatee... I think his name is Drew or something...

You can download the entire book, free, here. Or for a few bucks, you can get a digital copy or traditional paperback here.

Right now, let's Discover Your Very Cool Life Score...

There are only 2 steps to Discovering Your Score

Step 1: Answer each question.

If the statement below is true for you, simply check the box. Be honest with yourself and better to be a strict grader. In other words, if the statement is only somewhat true, DO NOT check the box until the statement is almost always true for you.

If the statement does not apply to your life, just check the box. You may tweak any statement to fit your personal preferences.

Step 2: See where you are now.

As you check off your true statements, the page will tally both your section (Freedom, Ease, Connection) score and your Total Score (at the bottom of the page). A score of 45 is a perfect score.


Pillar 1: FREEDOM

Pillar 2: EASE


Following up: Now you know where you stand at a glance, and that's cool.

However, whether your score is lower than you'd like or just where you want it, the most important question you can ask yourself is,

“Where am I going from here?”

Let me give you a little preview of what's in my book, The Very Cool Life Code.

The 4th Key to Unlocking a Very Cool Life is Routines Determine Results.

In other words, an essential foundation for a Very Cool Life is understanding that a Very Cool Life is really a practice. You're never “there” and you're never “done.”

So as you look over this assessment, feel good about where you are, wherever you are.

That is truly the fastest, most efficient way to get more of what you are wanting right now!

Going forward, I believe that the most powerful thing you can do right now is to pick some aspect of your life to upgrade, and create the environments and infrastructure to support you.

In fact, I’ve created many products and a very cool coaching club designed for this very purpose. Check ‘em out if your serious about this stuff.

Make the decision to move deeper into your version of a Very Cool Life. Do it today. It will pay dividends for a lifetime...

Be cool and love your life,
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